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In this issue (15 articles):

  1. MCDM with relative importance of criteria: application to configuration design of vehicles
    Vincent Y. Blouin, Brian J. Hunt, Margaret M. Wiecek
  2. Optimized star plot as decision aids: applications of maximum resolution topology
    Sydney CK Chu, James K. Ho, S.S. Lam
  3. Multi-criteria decision aiding procedure under risk
    Cezary Dominiak
  4. A study of distributed evolutionary algorithms for multi-objective optimisation
    Abdelbasset Essabri, Mariem Gzara, Taicir Loukil
  5. Prediction of bankruptcy based on the mathematical programming
    Sahnoun Imen, Jean Marc Martel, Chabchoub Habib
  6. Modified nominal group technique: what and how?
    Rafikul Islam
  7. Technology assessment process for new production line development - analytic network process approach
    Jerzy Michnik
  8. Models of criteria systems of building design contract
    Sigitas Mitkus, Eva Trink?nien?
  9. Value-focused development of a multiobjective watershed-management plan in Hawaii
    Mark Ridgley, Denise Mills
  10. Applying reference sets in content-based interactive image retrieval
    Andrzej M.J. Skulimowski, Paweł Rotter
  11. The use of the reference MCDM methods to define the second stochastic dominance effective portfolios
    Olena Sobotka
  12. Dynamic stochastic problems of profit maximization with partially ordered criteria space
    Tadeusz Trzaskalik, Sebastian Sitarz
  13. The CLARA method - a new approach to expert verbal classification
    Leonas Ustinovichius, Galina Ševčenko
  14. Dynamic, fuzzy and AHP procedures in a multi-criteria decision process: an application to ecosystem management
    Lidija Zadnik Stirn
  15. Ranking by the rough approximation of a preference relation for an extrusion process - a robustness study
    Kazimierz Zaraś, Laszlo Nandor Kiss, Silv?re Massebeuf, Christian Fonteix